Kontrol s4 with Maschine MIkro and Ipad (Morphwiz) HELP stting up please??
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    Default Kontrol s4 with Maschine MIkro and Ipad (Morphwiz) HELP stting up please??

    Hi im hoping you guy on here can help me get all this working together..

    So ive been looking at various videos on youtube on how to sync maschine to Traktor which seems fairly straight foward (step by step would be appriciated) but my question is can i run maschine through a channel in traktor?? say channel C for example?? i have the s4 and gonna use 2 channels for music 1 for maschine and hopefully Deck D for ipad with Morphwiz if its possible??

    Has anybody had any trouble with the maschine staying in time with traktor?? a few reports say its not very reliable,im using a mac and Traktor 2.6??

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    I think we have had this topic a few dozens times here on DJTT forums so make sure you make use of the search functionality.

    I personally have my Maschine sound coming out of my laptop sound card. I use a Y cable - 3.5mm stereo TRS mini-jack to 2x RCA to get audio from my notebook headphone output into my S4 soundcard on the back of the S4 controller (channel C). Then set channel C to "live input" in your Traktor software. Now you should be able to hear your maschine sound in Traktor. It's also possible to record it internally.
    Buy another Y-cable to connect your ipad's headphone output with your S4 controller (channel D) und set channel D to "live input" in the Traktor software.
    If the audio signal Traktor receives is not loud enough simply turn up the system volume of your notebook or ipad.

    And here's how I sync it btw:
    I'm on Win7 and use LoopBe (see here how it works: http://www.traktorbible.com/de/t2_ma...midi_sync.aspx). When using an external soundcard you can do it like the guys from dubspot: http://blog.dubspot.com/how-to-synch...orial-by-endo/
    For me sync works quite solid. According to Maschine's bpm display the received midi clock signal sometimes seems to be quite unstable and you might get crazy when not taking your eyes off the screen but musically I never experienced that audio ran out of sync.

    The NI trio - Traktor Kontrol S4 - Maschine - Komplete - and some more gear...

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    Excellent thanks so much didnt even relise that i could use the inputs on the S4 such a simple solution cheers.

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