Xone db2 or Xone 42
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    Default Xone db2 or Xone 42

    Hello, my question is whether the xone DB2 is actually much better than the xone 42? I already have the TRAKTOR KONTROL X1E'm doubt I choose which of mixers.
    Thanks for your help.

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    without a doubt the xone:db2 - it's a few years newer for starters, and having played with both this & it's bigger brother the db4 at bpm2012 - it's next level too. the 2 fx channels linked to an LED screen would be the key difference as the xone 42 only has the legendary vcf filters. i know you say you've already got a traktor kontrol x1 so are likely to use that for traktor fx - but what sounds could you create by layering them with the in-built mixer fx too?!

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