What DJ software do you use/own?

View Poll Results: What software do you use/own?

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  • Traktor Pro

    48 52.75%
  • Traktor Scratch

    36 39.56%
  • Serato Scratch Live

    15 16.48%
  • Serato DJ

    6 6.59%
  • Ableton Live

    35 38.46%
  • VDJ Pro

    7 7.69%
  • VDJ Other

    1 1.10%
  • Mixxx

    8 8.79%
  • xwax

    2 2.20%
  • Torq

    1 1.10%
  • Deckadance

    1 1.10%
  • Mixvibes Cross

    1 1.10%
  • djay

    5 5.49%
  • iOS other

    6 6.59%
  • Other (please specify)

    5 5.49%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default What DJ software do you use/own?

    The Traktor vs Serato thread left me curious, what else do people use here?

    Hooray, the poll worked this time, vote away!
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    New Mixxx user over here. Running it with my launchpad at the moment but hoping I can get a dvs setup sometime soon (hopefully before the 1.11 release). Always been an ableton nut and I havn't been that much into mixing until now. Gotta say that between mixxx and the upcoming (hopefully this year) release of bitwig I'm really liking the idea of booting linux to my old laptop when the new one comes.

    Edit: I see now that ableton is on the poll. I guess it doesn't count for me anyway because I don't really use it for mixing

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    TSP 1.2.7 & 2.5.1 user here.
    Works1200 - Technics SL-1200/1210 specialist
    Dell Inspiron 14R N5437 i5 4200u, 16gb RAM/750gb 7200rpm/Win8.1
    TSP 2.6.8 + Audio 4 DJ + Kontrol X1 + Novation Dicer
    Technics SL-1200 MK3D x 3 + Ecler Nuo 4 + Pioneer DJM-250 + V-Moda M100 + Sennheiser HD280 Pro
    Alesis RA-300 + KRK ST8 + Jamo Sub200 + MGM Studio HT-3D 8" powered sub

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    DJTT Administrator del Ritmo padi_04's Avatar
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    TSP and Ableton, DJ with the first.

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    Tech Guru squidot's Avatar
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    live dj with tsp
    dj set building with abelton
    production with maschine and ableton (just getting started)

    no choice for maschine huh? that's my "other."
    tsp 2.5 | vci-400 ege | mfspectra | kontrol x1s | rokit 8s (ferrari grey) | krk 10 sub | audio 8
    hp dv6 - i5 - 8gb | maschine | mpk49 | apc40 | rokit 5s | technics sl-1200mk3ds | cdj100s
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    Mix with Scratch Live, primarily as a digital crate (I think I may have used the loop button once to see how it worked). Three decks, a Rane Empath & Empath Rotary and SL3. Fingers crossed for a Vermona Action Filter III.

    Have Ableton Live Suite and Max4Live, which haven't seen much love. Expect to use it with the two iPads with Lemur installed and a Mackie Control Universal Pro (must...find...mojo).

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    Tech Guru dj gullum's Avatar
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    Traktor pro 2.5, Djay, VDJ pro, Ableton Live and next month Serato DJ
    I mainly use Traktor Pro 2.5 Djay (Mac and iPad) but never used it. VDJ we have set up on a computer at the club for Karaoke. I never used Live for DJ but used it to make mashups with. Might start using Serato DJ if I like it more then Traktor but doubht.
    I've also used Maschine some times.
    DJ setup 1 - Pioneer XDJ-Aero, Pioneer DDJ-SP1, Mixvibes Cross, Macbook Air 13", Pioneer HDJ 2000. DJ setup 2 - NI Kontrol F1, Z1, X1mkII, Traktor Pro2, Macbook Air 13", Pioneer HDJ 2000 w. Production - iMac 21.5", Motu 828x, Icon Qcon Pro + EX, Nektar Panorama P4, Propellerhead Reason, Mashine Mikro(drum programer in Reason)

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    Tech Guru MYE's Avatar
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    DJ: Traktor pro and Ableton live (Traktor pro routed through Ableton for FX and Maschine)

    Production: Ableton live, maschine and lots of other VST's
    Techno Producer and Dj//Upcoming releases on Discovery Records and other labels//Australia//https://soundcloud.com/mrmye

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    I DJ with Traktor and Live
    I think Traktor is essential for DJing from starting out until you start getting into more expressive performance; it can be remapped very easy, it's nice and modular, very attractive, and well supported by NI.
    Live only seems relevant as a DJ tool when you're using loops and layers, as in when you have stems or produce your own stuff. Otherwise, it is really handy for its effects (and M4L).

    I used to use Itch, which is an amazing piece of software and I prefer it physically to Traktor, but it's not expandable or customisable enough for me. Buying a Launchpad and switching to Traktor was the best decision I ever made as a DJ.

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    I use Ableton for producing, and the occassional DJ set.

    I use DJ Decks for my DVS needs, and it is solid as a rock. Pretty sure that I'll be getting VDJ8 when it comes out...

    Very sure...
    DJ'ing: 2x1200MK2, DJM 850, Dicers, F1, Zomo MC-1000, Sony MDR-v700, i7 Win 10 HP Envy
    Production: Ableton Live 8 and a mouse, Sennheiser HD400, Sony VAIO

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