3 CDJ 2000s via Ethernet
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    Default 3 CDJ 2000s via Ethernet

    Hey guys had a quick question regarding the 2000s. I'll soon have the opportunity to play at a venue that has three cdjs. I have one flash drive that im planning to take with my music already sorted and I was wondering if it was possible to connect all three CDJs in a way that would allow me to use just the one usb stick.

    I know that I could make things easy and just use two sticks but I like to organize my flash drives by genres and I'm planning on playing multiple genres that night.

    Just wondering if I could bring along an ethernet hub and connect all three or if I should buy more flash drives.

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    As you say you just need an ethernet hub and 3 patch cables to add to them if there not supplied

    1 other thing is the firmware has to be on the same version or there will be issues and possibly won't connect to each other.

    I'd take 2 usb sticks and a patch cable or 3 usb sticks to be safe

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