OS X Ad Hoc network issues with Android
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    Default OS X Ad Hoc network issues with Android

    I've recently gotten a google nexus 7 and I've been trying to get touchosc set up with my macbook pro so I can use it as a midi controller in traktor, however I can't seem to get connected to the network. The ad hoc network I created doesn't show up in the available networks, nor does it appear on my flatmate's tablet, also running on android. It does however show up on his iphone.

    I know I must be doing something wrong, but I can't seem to find anyone with similar problems online. If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it.

    Cheers in advance

    EDIT: Apparently Android doesn't support connecting to ad hoc networks by default (which seems a little weird, but it seems right).
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    afaik you can use your android device as wifi hotspot.
    then connect your computer to it.

    at least this works on my android phone which supports wlan hotspot mode. i'm pretty sure you can do this with an nexus 7 also. but maybe you need a different android rom for this.

    EDIT: just use this app if wifi tethering isn't supported by default:
    it also supports usb tethering. this should have the best latency.
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