Questions in regards to a S4 setup.
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    Default Questions in regards to a S4 setup.

    Hey guys

    I'm a newbie here but have been spinning in clubs for many years.

    I like most old school DJ's was into the vinyl but after years away from the scene (family) I came back into a whole new world of Digital.

    As I got back into it I decided to purchase Traktor Scratch Pro along with an X1 and addeded it to my 1200 setup in the basement. It didn't take me long to master the software and enter a whole new world of DJ'ing.

    After a year i was kind of bored of using the 1200's and I decided to store them to purchase an S4.

    after finding a mapping from DJTT and with a little tweaking I think I'm happy with what i got.

    My question to you all is:
    Why would someone have an X1 with a S4 setup when the S4 does it all? Am i missing out on something that i'm not aware of.

    Cheers to all!!!

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    For example to control all four FX units and decks directly and without needing to switch between layouts at S4.

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    If there's any functions that aren't in your s4 mapping that you'd like to have, you switch the x1 to midi mode and then make a mapping for that.

    A good example would be eq kills.
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