Need Input: First Scratch Mixer
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    Default Need Input: First Scratch Mixer

    Ok guys so I'm finally making the leap. Right now I've been using my s4 with the scratch upgrade but I'm looking to get a battle mixer and sell my s4.

    Anyways, I've narrowed it down to three seems like everyday something is changing.


    DJM 909
    DJM T1
    Kontrol z2

    I just want to know everyones opinions on these mixers, I've kind of always wanted a DJM 909 so I don't think I'm thinking logically.

    The scratch upgrade doesn't matter to me since I already have it, all options come out to be about the same price.

    Some concern: The z2 doesn't seem that durable/the x-fader sounds sketchy with the routing that is going on (not truly analog but I don't know enough about how it works)

    The djm-t1 isn't optimized for all the new features of traktor 2.6

    djm 909-lack of midi implementation. I currently own a maschine and could use the shiftee mapping but it is a pain to be reaching over to set a cue point.

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    Well Rukks, it depends, do you already have a traktor audio card ? Or just the S4 ? Do you plan on continuing using Traktor, or do you want to go pure vinyl ? Do you want to buy new ? Or second hand is an option?

    Personally i think that if you are going to invest a serious amount of money, you should strive for the best quality, and the more time proofed features. What i mean by that is :

    - The 909 is a great mixer, has on board fx, plus a send/return fx loop, and all the ins/outs of a serious mixer. Its' build like a tank, and will serve you for a long time.

    - The T1 is integrated with traktor, has midi controls, but has some stuff lacking in the connexion department. No send/return being the bigger problem, you can still use traktor in internal mode, but you will not have the channel meters (and that sucks).
    It may change if Pioneer is able to cook up a firmware upgrade that gives the T1 midi controllable leds on the meters, but i wouldn't bank on it since today it can't, you have no way to know what the future holds.

    - The z2 is new, and not yet available, but is completely traktor integrated, lacks in physical connexions ( no send/return ) but makes up for it because it is using traktor in internal mode. I would say wait a little bit, at least for a Djworkx review, and for the possibility to test it yourself in a store.

    - Another possibility, a second hand ttm 56S, a "Traktor Scratch A6" package, and a pair of novation dicers. This way you get a great mixer, really well built, with great faders and crossfader. All the connexions of a pro mixer (send/return). And you also get an audio interface with enough ins and outs to make it all work. And with the dicers you get midi controls right on your turntable.
    That makes a great modular and complete set up around the same price of your other options.
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    if you don't have an Audio4/6/8/10 i would chose a NI Z2

    I have a 909 & A10+ts-pro combo. Works like a charm. I only need a X1 or something like that so i don't have to touch my laptop during my sets.

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