Good and decent priced speakers? need help!
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    Default Good and decent priced speakers? need help!

    So I own the denon Mc3000, however the headphones do not work due to my speakers being connected to my comp, so it's not using the controller soundcard.

    This is a big problem for me because I desperately need to cue on the spot and beat match. Does anyone know of any good and decent priced speakers (by decent I do not mean over 150)? Something that isn't entirely tailored to a large party, but something that performs well as a speaker in the bedroom for practicing, and something that can decently hold on it's own at a 50+ crowd.

    Cheers guys! Tired of auto syncing

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    You're not going to be able to get speakers to play parties with for $150 or less (unless you get some crazy deal on craigslist). You can get an okay pair of studio monitors though. Look around on craigslist for a pair of used Rokit 5's or you could probably get a pair of those M-Audio AV40s new for around that price.
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