audio interface w. traktor 3 question
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    Default audio interface w. traktor 3 question

    i currently use traktor and am thinking about purchasing the m-audio firewire solo. could this interface enable me to cue up tracks in my headphones so i could mix without having to use the sync features of traktor? any help or input would be much appreciated!

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    No, the headphone output is connected to the master. I use this same interface for recording.

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    so i would need a m-audio fast track pro, or firewire 410 at least to be able to cue up the tracks in traktor?

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    If you've got an FW port I've got an old, but never gigged M-Audio Audiophile FW for sale, which will do the job for you..

    My current Laptop doesn't have a FW port so it's kind of pointeless keeping it.

    PM with an offer if you're interested
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    ANY souncard with at least 2 Stereo outs will do the job, either via 2 x 3.5mm jacks, or 4 RCA mono plugs.

    So pretty anything from any cheap surround sound card and up. Just check the number of outputs before you buy

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    thanks alot for the input. i am looking at an m-audio firewire audiophile interface. any reviews, comments or suggestions on this one?

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