Traktor, Trigger Finger, CDJ1000 mk3 + DJM800 **Newbie**
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    Default Traktor, Trigger Finger, CDJ1000 mk3 + DJM800 **Newbie**


    I am a new to the forum,

    Looking for some help

    At the moment I have

    Traktor Scratch
    Audio Dj 8
    M Audio Trigger Finger
    2x Cdj 1000mk3
    1 x DJM 800

    I want to use the Trigger Finger to control my traktor and my cdj's to control

    I have found various people in thread with it set up "how" i would like it set up

    Now I have downloaded the TKS file but cant seem to get it loaded in to enigma,

    Where am i going wrong

    Is it as it is connected Usb?

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    The TKS file can only be loaded into Traktor, not Enigma. You will need to program your Triggerfinger via Enigma (unfortunately, by hand) based on the functions that are programmed in Traktor based on the imported TKS file.

    So, let's say that you want to have the "Set Cue A" on your Triggerfinger, you need to look at the MIDI command that is programmed into Traktor. You then need to take that value and enter it into Enigma to the corresponding pad that you want programmed. After you finish populating the necessary values in Enigma, you can download them to your Triggerfinger (don't forget to save your settings!).

    Hope this helps!

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