Replacing my setup: Mixer with Traktor/Audio 10 or Traktor Z2
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    Default Replacing my setup: Mixer with Traktor/Audio 10 or Traktor Z2

    I am replacing my entire DJ setup, getting rid of my A&H Xone : DX.
    So far I am thinking about either a Xone:42 with the Traktor Audio 10 along with two Kontrol X1s and F1s, or a Traktor Kontrol Z2 along with one Kontrol X1 and two Kontrol F1s.

    I know the latter would be the cheaper setup as I will be using it mainly at home, however, I would hate to carry a mixer around, if I'd have to. I believe the Audio 10 would offer a more flexible and modular setup. On the other hand Z2 is cheaper, smaller and may offer some features over the Xone:42/Audio 10.

    I am playing Techno of all sorts and so far I have used the Xone : DX as a 3 deck/1 sample deck combo. The F1 looks great and I could eventually end up with 2 deck/2 remix decks.

    Would like to hear your thoughts and recommendation as I have a hard time to decide what to do.

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    I would take the xone42/A10 combo. It's more expensive ok but carrying a mixer at gigs is a painfull task and club owners are going to hate you.
    Or if you take the Z2, be sure to invest in a flight case. Put all of your gear in it and when you're going on a gig you only have to plug your main out to any channel of the club mixer. But again the case will cost you money so at the end I think that the first choice is better.

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