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    Hey DJTT,

    I am throwing a Halloween Party this year in a local bar that seems like will be a great sucess. There is a huge flatscreen behind the DJ area that is not being used and I want to play some visuals on the TV preferably just through a DVD player for ease of use...But I am a complete newb when it comes to visuals and need some help.

    I guess I am looking to purchase online or for free a visual clip which I can burn to a CD and loop it repetetively throughout the night. It doesnt need to be synced to the music Im just trying to add to the atmosphere with little technical setup.

    There is also different formats like MP4 which I know little about and different resulutions I can choose from, What would be best for a standard 50-60'' flatscreen? What would be a good format to download in? and if need be how would I convert it to DVD?....Where would I find these visuals and how would I loop them repetetively or would that just be possible on a regular DVD player? HELP PLEASE!
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    well if your a fan of boiler room they have their visuals on their website. dunno if you can download them through vimeo though. Not your own visuals but they are still cool and everyone should know about BR

    as far as formats try to get the highest quality you can. no 420p bullshit. most dvd writing softwares also have options for looping video so all you have to do is but the disk in, press play and forget about it
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    I know most VJ's won't be a super fan, but for something like this...

    Best. Visuals. Free. Always changing.

    Just get a computer hooked up to the HDMI input on the TV, and let it rip.

    There are also other methods of getting music that reacts to the sound, but I really like electric sheep lol
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