Traktor s4 crashes with blue screen please help
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    Default Traktor s4 crashes with blue screen please help

    Hi All
    Does any one please tell how to fix this issue ,,I bought new kontrol s4 and a new toshiba P850 windows 7 8gb core I 7 laptop ,tried to run taktor s4 as soon as you turn it on laptop crashes with blue screen ,this laptop only has usb3 ports blue color
    can any one tell me how to get around this ,,thinking sell the s4 and going back to cdjs again but still love the features on traktor .NI not even replying for the emails

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    Yeah the USB3 is causing it....not sure how to fix it but luckily my samsung has one USB2.0 port....any NI audio device will cause this with USB3.0 (atleast the last I heard).

    Don't know of a fix for you right now unfortunately

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    Have you had a look on the NI forums? I think I remember reading something about this on there.

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