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    don't know the lingo I like music I have an apple 24" 2.16 leopard 2621 songs
    in itunes,waiting for djtechtools to sell me a new vci 100se. ,I like r & b, house,funk(george clinton) & rap I want to blend & mix
    my music a little scratch here and there won't hurt ,will this be possible,
    do I need anything else,should I wai't for the vci100se or just get the silver one @ my local music store I'd like to stay up to date as possible.
    thanks BOP

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    Id wait for the SE, they are definantly worth that little bit of extra wait - they look sooooo much nicer than the silver ones.

    I have a silver one painted black and that never has stopped me from still wanting an SE

    So just wait a little bit longer and you wont kick yourself later for not waiting that little bit longer

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