Using twitter as a diary/organiser/to do list?? need help
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    Default Using twitter as a diary/organiser/to do list?? need help

    Had an idea the other day to use a twitter feed as an organiser.

    Dont really know how it will work and tried searching for it on google and got nothing.

    Is it possible to set up a private feed on twitter where you can tweet things to, using predetermined keyword you can tweet #billpay #date:26/10/2012 #$120 #phonebill and it will add the details into a diary or organiser entry such as 26/10/2012 phone bill $120.

    In theory what I want to be able to tweet things from any computer/phone or tablet to my feed and have that data sorted and available on a website or email address so i can keep track of things on the go. I tried using apple calendar but its so hard to link to my tablet and work computer but if it was on twitter i could access it anywhere.

    I think i would like a way of sorting tweets by keyword as well as a way of sorting by date and assign master keywords such as #work #uni #training #friends ect so I could sort them like a diary.

    Hope i have explained my idea well enough for people to understand and havnt confused anyone.

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    google calendar?

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    iCloud should sync all of your calendars. I use Google calendar though.
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