I need help with a mayor issue that happened yesterday at a gig. I was playing with the following set-up: Macbookpro 15 inch + Kontrol X1 + NI AUDIO 10 + DJM 800

In the middle of my set, when I increased the volume a little bit, suddenly... no sound ... DJM was not getting any signal while Traktor was still running. Eventually I solved it by taking the power of my AUDIO 10 and back on again and the signal was back.

So I guess, after googling this issue, that it had to do with the power supply of my AUDIO 10 dropping out.
Since AUDIO 10 does not work without power.

Okay I really don't want this to happen ever again, so I hope that there is someone who could explain how I can prevent this sort of thing. The sound card was placed securely, in an USB directly in my computer.

Thanks so much for your help!!