Need help finding "funky electro house"
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    Default Need help finding "funky electro house"

    Didn't know how to word the title though, and I know I might be totally off with the following description. But! ...the thing is that I'm kinda tired of all this "dirty-wobbly-bro-step influenced-house". Either they have long progressive ish breakdowns or their drops are too well... heavy and in the end all tracks are more less the same imo. I like them, but I'm kinda veering away from it.

    What I'm basically looking for is house-ish electro. Something you can dance a tad more instead of just jumping around. I'm basically looking for the "in between" stuff. Not sure if I make myself clear, but more or less the mainstream electro from 2010 which was less bass heavy.

    Some "recent" tracks that kinda show what I want are the following:

    So, probably after listening to those tracks I'm now completely off on what I'm looking for genre wise, but that's the sound I'm looking.

    Would really appreciate the guidance.
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    from my findings, i really only have luck finding new tracks on blog sites.. websites like beatport are BS in my opinion, unless your goal is to play the same shit everybody already knows and be booking bar mitzvah's for the rest of your life.. it sucks bc nothing is categorized, and you have to go through 20-40+ tracks a day to stay current, but i always find the BEST stuff sifting through the garbage.. 2 websites that have served me well have been:

    sucks to sift through all the Sh*t but if you go back long enough, you'll be able to build a pretty big arsenal, and i've definitely seen a fair share of "funky electro house" stuff on there.. gl

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