Hi there-

New to the forum as of today, but long time follower on youtube!

I'll get right to it. My buddy and I want to collaborate on some ideas we have.

Here is his set up
Macbook Pro, APC 40, Ableton live Firewire interface (http://us.focusrite.com/firewire-aud...saffire-pro-14), BX5a

My set up
PC based, Maschine, Maschine software, BX5A, USB interface http://us.focusrite.com/usb-audio-in...s/scarlett-8i6

So what we are having trouble with is figuring out how we go about setting this up. Do we use Maschine as a VST inside of Ableton? Or what is the best route here.

What I'd like to do and just don't know how to set this up is we each run our own equipment and use the midi on the back of our interfaces to use one computer for the actual output. I.E I run maschine on my PC and route out of my 8i6 into his Saffirepro-14. Just not sure if that is the right approach.

Can anyone give us some sound advice on the right approach where were not beating out heads against the wall.

How do we be concerned also with BPM? If we just ran everything in ableton then ableton should handle the BPM issue, is that an accurate statement?