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    Default Help with Modifiers!

    I'm new to Traktor Pro and I'm trying to set up some modifiers for my korg nanopad but I'm having a bit of trouble.

    What I'm trying to program is:

    Button 1 - Turns on chained effect 1; sets x/y pad to effect 1 knob

    Button 2 - Turns on chained effect 2; sets x/y pad to effect 2 knob

    Button 3 - Turns on chained effect 3; sets x/y pad to effect 3 knob

    I'm sure this is possible, but having a little trouble working it out. Any help would be appreciated!
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    First, I'm moving your post to the General Discussion forum. Please read the stickied Forum Rules threads before posting.

    Second, you do this by having the same buttons that select the Chained Effect also change the Modifier, we'll say M3, value. So when you press

    Button 1 - Turn on Chained Effect 1; M3=0
    Button 2 - Turn on Chained Effect 2; M3=1
    Button 3 - Turn on Chained Effect 3; M3=2

    And then, in the X/Y Pad assignments you make sure it says M3=0 for Chained Effect 1, etc. etc. etc..

    The problem with this, though, is if you use toggles everything kinda works weird. AND, if you're using Chained Effects, there's no real need for an x/y pad, just the X (or Y), unless you're going to have the X be the amount for Chained FX and the Y be the Dry Wet for the effect box. But also keep in mind that when switching between your previous effects will stay on, though the modifiers will change.

    So, for example, you turn on Effect 2, and X/Y pad controls it.
    When you turn on Effect 3, the X/Y Pad will no longer control Effect 2, though it will still be on. Just making sure that's what you want.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I think that's how I want it set up, for now at least. I'm sure it'll all get changed around!

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