Should I make this trade MBP for CDJ 800 MK2
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    Default Should I make this trade MBP for CDJ 800 MK2

    So I have a 13" macbook aluminum that i bought new in early 2010 and have only ever used it for mixing.
    Recently upgraded to 500GB and 8GB. This is the cleanest 3 year old MB you have ever seen, I dont even use the web unless necessary.

    I also have a 13" MBP from 2010 that i bought used, upgraded to 500GB and 8GB and use as my everyday and school computer.

    I may have the opportunity to trade the MBP for some 800 MK2's.

    I will be finishing school this semester and wont need the computer as much. If i get accepted to law school it will be out of town and wont be able to bring my gear. So i was thinking maybe throw an SSD in the optical drive of my MB that i just use to mix and make more everyday use of it, using the SSD for the important stuff like traktor and music.

    I really dont need the CDJ's, but it seems kinda foolish to have two MacBooks.
    Any opinions?
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    Take a look at selling the extra MBP, if not, thats a bit of a tough trade. If you want the Mk2s, take them, but if you don't, I'd just sell the laptop.

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    i don't really know what the resale value is for either of those, but since you don't really need the cdjs i wouldn't take them unless you can make more by selling them than your laptop. personally, i would either sell your lappy or keep it as a backup.
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    idk aboot canada (sry, i had to) but down here you can pick up a used 13" MBP unibody (similar specs to yours) for about 600 maybe less, and you can pick up CDJ800 MK2 (pair) for about 800 , thats a 200 price difference, but, more people are apt to buy a MBP over some CDJs so you would limit your sellers market by trying to make some extra cash, personally if you dont need either CDJs or the MBP id either keep the MBP as a backup or sell it and use the money where u need it or want it

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    The longer you sit on the macbook the less it would be worth though...

    That said I'd just sell it and buy something you do want/need

    You really don't a separate computer to DJ with if you're clean, organised and are smart with what you do with it.

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