Hi, i'm wondering to buy a maschine mikro to add it to my current setup that is made by an s4 and an f1. My doubt is that it's useless cause of the f1 that can also launch clips. I'd like to use it with machine running in sync with traktor to jam on tracks as i've seen on youtube by many djs, but nobody of them had an f1 so my question is as i already have an f1 is the maschine useless? I'd use it when i play techno sets or deep house launching clips with f1 and jamming on them... i also play electro sets but i noticed that is impossible to use things like button stuff(f1 or maschine) with electro house. Please answer and give me an opinion i'd like to ear someone that tried this combo or that is able to imagine how everything would be used together.
Sorry for bad english but i'm an italian young dj that really loves the digital djing world and here in italy almost everybody are stuccoed on the concept that analogic is better but i thing digital controllers are more creative