Spanish music and some things to note.
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    Default Spanish music and some things to note.

    I was playing a party last weekend (4+hours) and the majority of the crowd were Latin American women.
    While this wasn't my first latin gig, it was my longest. I like playing these types of gigs because i don't have to worry about "dropping the beat" and i can just be a fancy Jukebox, a lot less stressful compared to the local bars in my area.

    Bachata: slow dancing music, extremely romantic (in the 130's) but feels it is halved.
    Reggaeton: latin hip hop, (89-110)
    Merengue: moderately fast music featuring a horn and percussion section, often danced socially.( 128-140ish)
    Salsa: Slower than merengue, more romantic. Can be played around merengue music.(120-130ish)
    bossa: Slow brazilian music, somewhat difficult to dance/listen to if it is your first exposure.(100)

    these are the major types of latin music that is listened to.
    If you ever play a latin gig, you can expect to play these genres and play requests.

    Feel free to add or correct anything i have written.
    Done DJ'ing

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    Quote Originally Posted by no_rex4u View Post
    Feel free to add or correct anything i have written.
    Why the words "spanish music"?


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    KIzomba, Zouk, Cumbia, vallenato, bubbling, dancehall, Latin House. But yes the mainstream is what you described. But you can mix a lot of this music a good start is the latin dj pool

    They have a lot of intro outro stuff as well, Year price for audio only isn't bad at all 189 dollars

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    I have to agree with your statement! Latin gigs have definitely been the easiest for me and probably the most enjoyable. You can definitely get away with trying some new stuff while getting paid. The only thing that bothers me that it seems to be the type of gigs where I get the highest number of requests for certain songs.

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