Chart music transitions?
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    Default Chart music transitions?

    Hi everybody,

    I used to mix a lot of house and minimal back in the 90s but I'm not a professional DJ. Most of the time I made mixtapes for me and my friends, so I have at least a basic knowledge.

    A while ago I started to digitize my records and using Traktor now for my mixes. A friend of mine is having a big birthday party soon and he was asking me if I would like to take care of the music. I feel very confident mixing house and techno tracks, but since I'll have to play a lot of (dance-)chart music too I could need some tips how to transition between pop songs. I guess it would be fine with no transitioning at all (noone would probably care) but I don't want to wait always till the end of a song and then just start the next one.

    My problem is that a lot of these songs don't have a long intro or outro and/or start immediately with vocals. Any tricks how to do that?

    And sorry for my english

    Thanks a lot

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    I had exactly the same problem recently, i used ableton to help straighten out some of the tunes that had funny drops.
    The most important for me was making sure they were in key, otherwise no matter how well you mix them they will sound bad.
    I didnt do any fancy transitions just made sure i knew when to start the mix and get through them as clean as possible.

    Here's my 1hr pop mix:

    Was actually a pretty fun thing to try.

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    Quick mixes, quick cuts.. the odd backspin... I play a lot of top 40 sets. Alternatively get a few loops, I take loops from non-vocal parts of top 40 tracks (take the first 8 bars of Moves Like Jagger for example).. loop and drop the new song... Key is quite important though.

    It's really quite easy, just no long mixes.

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