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    Hi guys,

    Was playing around with Traktor 1.1.2 last night, with the VCI-100 hooked up, and was mucking about with some effects, layering them, d/w, just playing about.
    I then used the delay effect and was using it as an advanced effect with all its options on FX bank 2.

    I then turned the effect off, but using the d/w on/off button.. (The FX bank itself was still assigned to my playing deck) however, it didn't turn off... the effect just kept on going. I then turned the whole FX bank off that deck, and it stopped. I then turned the FX Bank on and it stayed off (cause d/w was still set to off).

    Is this a known bug with FX's in general, just advanced FX, or just that particular effect ?

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    Did you have the freeze function on? Because when that's on the echos will only stop when you turn freeze off.

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    That was almost certainly it.. but if I had d/w 'off' why did it continue to be audible ? I thought that turned the whole effect on or off ?

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