Yo guys,

I can very much confirm that this one is legit as i have picked up myself a copy - so anyone worrying about it being "too good to be true" can put their mind to rest.

Great time to pick up the plugin if its your thing

PSP Nitro is the ultimate multimode filter plug-in in VST and RTAS format for Windows; AudioUnit, VST, RTAS format for Mac OSX Universal Binary. It offers many filter types derived from analog prototypes in addition to other useful processing blocks such as phaser, bit-crusher/downsampler, waveshaper and interpolated delay blocks. These can be connected to each other using virtually any routing scheme. The advanced control signal generators are capable of modulating most of the processing parameters, making this plug-in an essential tool for sound design and experimental purposes.
Get a 14 day demo here - http://www.pspaudioware.com/download1.html

or go here to buy - http://www.audiomidi.com/PSP-Nitro-P6567.aspx