Really performing with the midi fighter 3d, please check it out!
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    Default Really performing with the midi fighter 3d, please check it out!

    Hey guys, so I have been studying abroad in Melbourne without my turntables but I have been dancing on the streets for money, and I finally had enough to buy a midi fighter 3d. Since I got it I have been using it everyday, and the crowd loves it. My friends and I are all dancers and we all do plenty of different styles from krumping to bboying, but mainly old school popping. Here is a video of how I love blending djing with dancing, all improved. Please check out the video and if you like it share it, I really want to get better and really show DJ tech tools that they are a wonderful company that really pushes me and my art. Please check it out, I would love for the people and maybe even Ean to bother giving it a view, but I feel like they would only do so if the video had enough views and likes. Thanks!

    I'll be uploading my custom edit of this midimapping soon, sorry I seem to overuse the effects, but trust that the crowd goes crazy. Promise I don't just use effects!

    more videos of different styles of music and dancing coming!

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    Hey man!

    I'm going to be honest. I wasn't too impressed with the midifighter performance. Loved the dancing waaay more. But what I do really like is that you incorporate the both. And that's cool! I would be interested to see how you could elevate this to a higher level. Keep doing what you love.

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    thanks man! thanks for the honesty, I am not that great at djing and I've only had the midifighter for 1 week (which has been used to develop my mapping for it) but I will get better! appreciate it!

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    Looks like the MF is causing an epileptic seizure. They (DJTT) should put warning labels on those things. Why is it controllerists feel the need to snap their hands after pressing buttons? Sorry, just don't get it.

    Thanks for sharing though.

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    some sort of motion effects on you linked into an effects you are the MF3D in essence would be sweet.

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    Next MF has to be wireless
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    Check out doing a wii controller for traktor to.

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