Gain signal for timecode, what's an appropriate value?
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    Default Gain signal for timecode, what's an appropriate value?

    Hey everybody so I just modded my Turntables by grounding them internally and I just want to make sure that it hasn't messed anything up. My vinyls calibrate fine and I just want to know if my gain values for the timecode signal are normal.

    I'm getting L: 6.6 and R: 5.8, do these values seem average for everyone?

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    A turntables output depends on the cartridge. You should be able to find the values for your cartridges on the manufacturer's website or in any online shop.

    That being said, your DVS should run fine with these values.

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    I have about 10.1 and 10.6 with my Stanton Discmaster 2.

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