Alex Laine live on WRIR Richmond
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    So when I was back home for my brothers wedding, I had a chance to play on a local radio station's electronic music show. My post is a bit overdue, but I figured I would throw it up anyway. Check it out!

    1: Royal Gigolos - Get The Party Started (Thoka Club Remix)
    2: Paul & Luke - Billie Jean feat. John Biancale (Paulo Ortelli vs Degree Extended Mix)
    3: Richard Grey - Thriller (Full Vocal Club Mix)
    4: Kurd Maverick - Blue Monday (Vandalism Remix)
    5: Kompulsor - Around the World (La La La La) (Pete Mazell Remix)
    6: The Freaks - The Creeps (Vandalism Mix)
    7: Vandalism - Smash Disco (Vandalismís V8 Mix)
    8: Jean Elan - Whereís Your Head At (Elanís Club Mix)
    9: Rockwell vs Mysto & Pizzi feat. Renald Francoeur - Somebodyís Watching Me (Chris Le Edit)
    10: Krystal Meyers - Shine (Chris Leís Gates Edit)
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