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    the Z2 you can also remap it like the DJM900 Nexus... so what you can do with it is far more than the Rane mixer.

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    Default traktor and rane mixers

    Hi guys my name is djsnaps12. I notice you are comparing the tracktor and rane. From my stand point being a electrical enginer and working on turntables and mixers all the time. Traktor i have worked on several traktor parts s4 s2 mixers etc and i can tell you they use junk parts. They also do not offer parts to buy. On every s4 i have worked on the reasons there crossfaders go out so oftern is cause the board the raks rub against is only ones sided unlike pioneer rane and vestax. They have double sided raks rubing the pcb board for better conection. Once the raks get worn out you have to bend them back up to make the good connection. Also there usb ports allways break. I have had to replace several amounts of them. So any one thinking of buying traktor mixers or consoles i suggest not to. So if you where wpndering why they sell there stuff cheaper then most companys that is why.

    This is why technics last so long all quality parts except the target light which i always convert over to led any ways. Same with pioneer products. Even numark uses pretty quality parts. Any ways thats my two cents on that. I hope that helps any of you to make your decision.

    Have a great day DJ Snaps12

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