Need advice on new set-up
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    Default Need advice on new set-up

    First a little background on my gear now. I have a Kontrol S2 & X1 that I have been using since Feb 2012. This is a great set-up but now I am starting to do gigs such as events, parties and weddings and feel I need to change my set-up to a mixer and cdj's. The reason I feel this is way is because #1 if my laptop crashes during a gig I have NO back up and #2 if someone was there to sing or perform at a wedding I have no way of playing there CD or if someone in the crowd wanted me to play a song that I did not have but had a CD I have no way of playing that.

    I have been looking at the Denon DN-X600 mixer and Stanton CMP.800 cdj's. I think this would be an ideal set-up since the Stanton cdj's can play CD, USB and are midi. The Denon is also midi with a built in soundcard. I would use the Stanton cdj's to control Traktor along with my X1 and use the Denon to mix external. As a backup if my laptop crashed then I could switch to using music backed up on thumb drives on the Stanton cdj's going to the mixer. I would really like to learn to DJ without using a laptop and only use the cdj's and mixer to improve on my skills.

    I am looking for a set-up that will not break the bank and this should come in around $1500. If I could afford Pioneer cdj-850's I would def go for them but I can get two Stanton's for the price of one Pioneer. I know Denon makes the X1600 that is traktor scratch certified but I do not need four channels nor do I need scratch since the Stanton cdj's are midi.

    Any advice on this set up would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    You can play CDs on your laptop, also you can have an ipad ready just incase ur controller crashes

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