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    I got a old vestax vci 100 off my cousin he owes me some money long story short i said could i have that as he didnt use it and i wanted to give dj a go. year down the line i think its not for me not enough time or patience to practice.

    Its a vestax vci 100 the first mk and its got the dj tech tools firmware on it because of this i didnt think it was best to put it on ebay and best going up on the buy and sell thread here.

    So basically wondered if you guys could give me a valuation i should put it up for dont want to waste people with an unrealistic valuation. its defo got signs of use and it comes with the firmware conversion tool.

    Anybody any ideas?

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    Approx $150 given your description

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    i´d say $200. that thing is a massive tank and indestructable. not to many controllers out there with that built quality.
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    Lol, when i first read this I thought you were trying to depreciate it as a business asset...never thought about it until now but if I ran a dj business that could keep my taxes down.

    edit: sorry to derail, between 150 and 200 is what they go for on ebay usually

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