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    Default Traktor Pro eq settings

    If using traktor pro to mix internally the software gives the user a few different settings for eq's

    Does any one know what, if any, differences there are between the internal eq settings. does it color the audio differently?

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    Most people wont tell the difference. Xone gives you an extra eq though. I use P600 as its based on the djm mixer which we use. They do have a different sweet spot for the bass etc best to try them all out and use the one that you like.
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    They all sound different...

    Classic sounds heavy handed to me, almost like the eqs on virtualdj. P600, well, that mixer is getting old anyway, but I prefer the effect the Nuo has on the mids. I would be using xone, but like most people I prefer to use my "low" knob on my vci-100 to control the filter instead.

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    I use the Xone EQ and have been for a long time. I really like the control I have over the extra frequencies.
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    the manual talks about what the frequency ranges are.

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