How to make a Mirror Image of my hdd
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    Default How to make a Mirror Image of my hdd

    Howdy techgurus. Im sort of a computer illiterate when it comes to things like this, but recently I noticed my laptops performance has been slowing down. I hope its not the hdd crapping out on me but I can only wish for the best but prepare for the worse. I read up alot on the forums about people making mirror images of their internal hdd to an external. I was wondering if someone can tip me no whats the best and easiest way to achieve that. As I know this will save every last setting I've ever set for all of my dj programs amongst other important settings. Thanks DJTT yall the best!!

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    I've been looking into this recently:

    (check the end of that thread - my username is the same as here)

    what I'm looking for is a backup solution for my mp3 collection (over 100gb). I have a FreeNAS server with over 1TB in disk space which I plan to use for backups. I also have over 5 pcs in my house that I want to be able to access the FreeNAS as a media server.

    So, ideally what I need is something whereby backups are done in both directions. If someone in my house changes an ID3 tag on the FreeNAS server then this change will replicate to my Traktor laptop. And equally, if I edit something on my Traktor laptop, then the change should propagate to the FreeNAS server.

    Still haven't worked it out yet though lol

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    You know your hard drive is crapping out usually not because its going slow, but because it starts to make weird noises. Grab Norton Ghost if you want to back up your entire hard drive.

    If you want to fix your hard driver performance though, you should delete some stuff if the drive is full and defragment your drive which should help with the performance of the hard drive read and write speeds.

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