hi y'all
i'm new here
i know many of you would like to ask me :"Why VDJ ??? Serato & Traktor r wayy better !!!"

First thing first, i started with VDJ and learned who to map my controllers to get a full use of it.
So i dont really care about the basic mapping cause i change it the way i like it.
I went to a friends house who use TRAKTOR with DENON DN-MC600 & Ableton Live, Traktor always getting out off pitch and it rlly gets of my nerves when he try to add some loops with aleton live or effect .... have to fight to get it right .... Well, maybe its just me
THe setup is really interesting but i dont really like this on Traktor.

Sooooo for the MAIN question of all this bla bla bla ....
It's time for me to get some REAL controller ... after basic and my last Numark TOTAL control - i get bored of it cause i can't everything i want -
I have to choose between Numark NS6 or 4Trak.
I only choose those 2 cause im il love with Numark product, really personal.

When i'm mixing, i love using loops, effects.
So waiting for your help to take a decision
If u have any question .... im here !!!!