RIP Midi Fighter Classic!
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    Default RIP Midi Fighter Classic!

    So, now that they're stopping the production of the classics and makings "something new" , I decided to purchase one of the last 150 models at the discount price! I think I got a very good deal on it! Now, I purchased it this Wednesday and had a few questions that I think some of you could help me answer!

    QUESTION 1 - How long does it normally take them to assemble it?
    QUESTION 2 - When I was buying it, it didn't really give me an option for a DIY Kit , so I'm assuming their assembling it?

    Thanks so much!
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    1- It only takes about fifteen minutes to put one together if you know how, maybe up to a half hour if you haven't put one together and are watching your p's and q's.

    2- If they send it to you assembled that's cool, if they send you a kit don't panic. They're pretty easy to put together, just don't get frustrated with the silicone case.
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