krk rokit 8 vs krk vxt 6
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    Default krk rokit 8 vs krk vxt 6

    hey , just wanting some peoples advice. im looking at buy some new monitors for dj'ing in my room, i also produce a little music. im finding it really hard to decide what speaker to get between the krk rokit 8's and the krk vxt 6. i mix a wide range of music but mostly play old skool jungle , drum and bass and breakbeat. id be great full of anyones suggestions,

    cheers guys

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    First off, think of how loud you will be playing. Personally I generally an not that harsh on my monitors. Those 6's will never be as loud as the 8's. I personally own a Pair of Rokit 5's that I mainly use for DJing and double checking a mix when mastering at track. I also own a pair of VXT 4's for actually working in logic when I record acoustic instruments. I feel like the VXT's are better sound monitors. If you are just going to be Djing with some producing the VXT's aren't really designed with you in mind, the Rokits are. I would recommend you try out some stuff at your local guitar center of whatever you have, give them a listen, push them to the max. KRK's are always great quality. Sounds like the Rokits would be a great match for you! Let me know what you go with!

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