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    Whats up DJ's out there...I need a bunch of help...i just entered my freshmen year in college and the first party is comming up, i was chosen to a begginer..i use to dj with cdj's but now i want to move on to DJ with my laptop...i want to start with my laptop a god 2 channel mixer and i already have speakers...i heard that if i dont have Serato i cant connect my laptop to my the mixer...and switch from channels like that soo??? some one let me kno of an easy set up...

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    Changing setups right before a gig is ehhh risky, you might want to just use your cdjs for this one

    You need an audio interface with at least two pairs of stereo outs to do what you want. Research Scratch Live, Traktor Scratch Pro, and Torq for software options.

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    There is also Mixxx software if you dont want to play and only want basic function.
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    hope you have $$ to throw down or a usb/firewire mixer if you want to use that setup.. :P

    (because if you can't connect your mixer to your laptop using usb/firewire, you need an external soundcard to do so. lookup: audio 4)
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