looking to upgrade from my mixtrack. learned a lot on that baby but now that i've improved (and want to keep improving), i find it too limited.

i've narrowed it down to 2 controllers, the vci-380 and the twitch.

i am leaning more to the twitch because it is cheaper, but if you guys can justify the extra dollars as a better investment in the long term, i'm happy to pay a little more.

1. jog wheels not important
2. will be used for controllerism routines (as a hobby), club mixing and house parties (as a part time job)
3. only basic effects are important for non-controllerism mixing - echo, filter and flanger are my most used ones.
4. portability and build quality is key - ill be bringing it to all my gigs, which include rowdy clubs and bars, house parties, pool parties.. you get the picture
5. plug and play capability - i hate doing anything more than a few simple mappings.
6. hope to keep this controller for good, unless i win the lottery and can buy a cdj-djm set up.

never tried itch, have tried a friend's ssl and loved it, but worked mostly with traktor and vdj with my mixtrack as serato wasn't supporting it.

7. switching software is not an issue for me.

*yes ive read about the audio problems of twitch, i can find my way around them

in the long run, which is a better investment: twitch or vci-380? jog wheels not important