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    Hey there guys, I'm about to embark on some gear mods and thought that while I was in the process if anyone wanted some tutorials posted as I go. I am an electronics tech by trade and thought that I might be able to help out with some trade secrets to help all the DIY modders out there, so If anyone wants a tutorial posted just reply and I will see what I can do,,

    Any thing from basic soldering right through to PCB etching even SMD soldering if you want, details of components, calculations what ever just ask away.

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    We want tutorials for sure !

    If you wanna do something for the blog then just let me know via PM and we can organise you a writer account

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    chuck em up on YouTube too if you can

    Dr. B - it would be cracking to have them up on the blog too

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    I'm thinking of kicking off with some basic component tutorials eg. LEDs, POTs, Resistors, FETs etc and then delving into some Logic devices like Flip Flops and also covering my favourite little 8pin the 555 timer, all these components are extremely useful to know about when modding equipment and just a little basic understanding of componentry makes life a hell of a lot easier. I really like the use of the 555 or the Flip Flop for activating LEDs from momentary switches eg modding the keys from a keyboard to buttons and wanting a LED to light when you are using "Push for On Push again for Off" normally the LED will only light when a contact is made but with a simple circuit you can have it latch.

    So if anyone has a specific question to do with electronics just ask away, and I will hopefully have a first run of tuts up soon.

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