Germany goes minimal
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    Default Germany goes minimal


    Im a quiet reader of this board. With this mix I would like to show you my style.
    A little bit feedback would be nice

    Thank you for listening

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    4:49 - the levels are a little off, comes in way too strong, in fact throughout the mix levels seem to be jumpy in some places
    8:50 - catchy tune
    13:21 - nice breakdown transition
    28:30 - deep stuff
    33:30 - like the WTF sample
    37:00 - great vocal samples, solid energy tune
    39:30 - seems a little messy, barely noticeable and the later transition works well
    47:50 - really catchy tune

    Overall I thought it was a good mix, the levels jumpiness can be rough on ears. I enjoyed the fact that it has a nice progression, second part of the mix is a lot more "dance-y" or deeper, good contrast in an overall flow. Speaking of the style, the mix is pretty consistent imho, good track selection. It's nice that you stay within the theme, so instruments like trumpets make appearance in several places in the mix.

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    Thank you very much for your feedback Im glad to hear positive critism!
    The level jumpiness is caused by my **** recording program, I recorded this with audience and all of them can affirm that. This was my first mix and I learned this lesson.
    The messy part is deliberate^^

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