Sound Pack 23 + Midi Fighter + iPad
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    Default Sound Pack 23 + Midi Fighter + iPad

    It seemed like a simple idea that I was sure someone had tried already, but after searching, I could not find anyone that had hooked up a Midi Fighter (Classic because the iPad alone can't power a 3D) or similar midi controller to an iPad using the camera connection kit and imported samples to an app then using just the iPad and midi controller to do some finger drumming.

    This improvised jam and video is the result.
    Point of the video was more to show you can connect the 2 devices and less about the improvised song.
    Let me know what you think.


    Video Description:
    With the most recent update of coreMidi to iOS 6.0, a All-in-one Camera Connection Kit for iPad ($3.00) from, an iPad2 ($399.00), the BeatMaker2 App ($19.99), a DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter Classic controller ($189.99) and a Midi over USB cable you can now import and play Ableton Live drum racks or any samples using just a midi fighter and iPad.
    You can now jam with friends on the go, or play sound packs with your midi fighter controller without the need of a laptop, Ableton Live, Traktor, etc.
    Samples used in this Demo are From DJ Tech Tools' Mad Zach Soundpack 23 - Jazzy McFly and the Westside Riders.

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    Hi, could you please help me and tell me which configuration I have to make on my iPad. Please let me know.

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