Traktor "full screen" command line?
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    Default Traktor "full screen" command line?

    Hi, im interesed about this by using tutorial on DJ TT:

    In this line:

    Either find or create a string named “Shell” with a value containing your Software’s EXE (for example, “C:\program files\Rane\Serato\Serato.exe”). This sets Serato as your username’s shell.
    But i used it to:

    “C:\program files\Native Instruments\Traktor\Traktor.exe”
    And here is my question, did its possible to add some parameter to This line to launch Traktor automaticly in full screen mode?

    Cold Heineken for the one who do it :-)

    edit: so fail... i forgot that in Traktor is option about full screen on startup :P lol epic.. can mod del this thread?
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