New Hardrive, Fresh OS Install Help
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    Default New Hardrive, Fresh OS Install Help

    Im planning on swapping my current hard drive for a solid state drive. Im going to backup my whole hard drive with Super Duper and plan on doing a fresh install but cant find my discs that came with my macbook. Right now Im on snow leopard so the OS X Recovery Disk Assistant doesn't work would I buy Lion or is there a way to get snow leopard on a USB this is where I get confused on how to start fresh on the new hard drive so any help is appreciated.

    Also after getting my macbook running can I pick what I need from my SuperDuper Backup onto the new hard drive without copying everything?

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    You'd have to buy a USB that is at least 8gbs. Follow this tutorial on how to create one.

    It's the easiest way to do it.
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