Crossfader issue since upgrade...
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    Default Crossfader issue since upgrade...

    Hi guys,

    Firstly, a big thanks for getting my firmware upgrade kit to me so quickly!
    ten minutes later, and my VCI-100 was proudly sporting its new 1.3 firmware.

    However, I've noticed a change in behaviour of the crossfader, and its not specific to traktor, its actually in the midi messages its sending (checked it with midi ox).

    If the fader is at one end or the other (doesnt matter which), and you move it gradually across from one side to the other, the crossfader outputs messages for the first 25% of its length, then it outputs nothing until you get to 75% across and it starts outputting messages again. Its almost like the crossfader is physically too long now!

    A diagram may describe it better:-

    ....................< dead zone >....................

    This has the effect that moving from one side to the other, you get to the centre point (as far as the software is concerned), when you are only a quarter of the way across on the physical crossfader... it then sticks there whilst you pass through the dead zone where no midi messages are being sent, and then starts moving again.

    This makes it behave very much like a scratch crossfade... is this intended ?

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    You are sure that the C.F. curve on the back of the vci isn't set to the 'scratch' curve?
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    Realised that myself after posting.. it had indeed been knocked and was set to scratch

    Problem solved.

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    I broke the C.F curve twisty thing off my VCI, wondering if I should get someone to put it back. I rarely mix with the xfader anyhow.

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