Here's a 75 minute Hamburg Style Progressive Psytrance set. I started mixing on vinyl 15 years ago and have recently moved to digital after taking several years off. Appreciate any listens and any feedback. I have other mixes on Mixcloud if you enjoy. Thanks.

Set list
1. Prime-Room 22
2. Jacob-Hang You Up
3. Wanna Noise-Joker
4. Prime-No More Heroes
5. Interactive Noise-Deeper
6. Audiomatic-Deep & Pumping Sound (Day Din Remix)
7. NOK, Ritmo-New World Order
8. Infinity-Car Accident (Klopfgeister Remix)
9. Lish-Back in the Game
10. NOK-Messed Up
11. -Sd- -UFO Incident
12. Unseen Dimensions-Real High
13. DNA-Caffeine (Massive Remix)
14. Kularis-Fe Natural
15. Mandragora-Fika

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