Deep Love with a side of Tech! check it out when ya get some time!
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    Cool Deep Love with a side of Tech! check it out when ya get some time!

    hey hey! just posting some good tunes that i have thrown together! A lot of deepness with a techy feel! feeedback welcomed but not mandatory! love this forum man! enjoy!


    Wildfang - (Jaxson & David Keno Remix) - Oliver Schories
    Wander - (Okain Remix) - Solead
    Right Here - (Elef Remix) - David Keno, Jaxson
    Clean Track - (Original Mix) - Nico Lahs
    Miles - (Nick Curly Remix) - DJ Sodeyama
    Mr.V's Revenge - (Kruse & Nuernberg Wer V Was Remix)
    Shape - (Original Mix) - Paul Ritch
    Luv In The Club feat. Hype Hunnets - (Original Mix) - DJ Romain
    Tacos & Frogs - (Original Mix) - Okain, Hector
    Te Gusta - (Original Mix) - Victor Calderone
    O'Clock - (Original Mix) - Okain
    Ghoul - (Original Mix) - Paul Mad
    Gave You - (Original Mix) - Rhadow
    The Fun - (Rhadow Remix) - Roberto Palmero
    Who Stole The Soul - (Steve Lawler Remix) -Sebrok, Tassilo
    Pleasure Grip - (Original Mix) - Victor Calderone
    Bedouin Soundclash - Brutal Hearts - (ItaloBros remix)

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    Smooth mix, I enjoyed the selection of tracks. Everything blended well together and I enjoyed the fact that you picked up the pacing in second part of the mix.

    First two tracks are beautiful, good start and they blend together really well.
    14:06 love a little aggression
    19:00 the synth build up is cool
    23:05 nice switch up, deep tune, the vocal samples are insane.
    28:35 little acidy, groovy stuff
    32:30 wooo wave-riding, well done, nice change to energy
    35:10 catchy vocal sample
    45:45 love the incoming bassline, suspenseful
    49:15 cool job with the levels
    55:25 love the micro sample
    the finishing track is very soothing, love it

    I enjoyed your mix, good job!

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    Thumbs up thanks monogamme!

    MONOgamme thank you so much for the feedback! im glad you liked the set....i have been workin very hard on track selection and making sure everything fits and progresses in the right ways! you works meant a lot brother! Furthermore i really liked how you broke down the set into "parts" and had a brief descriptions of each!


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