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    I am working on starting a company that helps performers create interactive and engaging performances for their audiences. allows performers and venues to create a unique, engaging audio/visual experience for their audience. Using the Audius application, the users will be able to immerse themselves in a choreographed interactive presentation that will increase audience participation and create an electrified crowd for the performer.

    If you could provide any feedback that would be great!

    The idea is that the artist would be able to sync up an audio and visual show that would sync directly to the application on your audiences phone. The artist would be able to create this show and choreograph it with their show.

    Just imagine that during your show that you have the ability to make sure everyone is using their phones to engage the music rather than text or take away from your show. You can choreograph what comes out of the application so that it is perfectly timed from the intro to climax of your show. Although the app is currently in its infancy stage, I am trying to get feedback from the artists to see if the idea sounds good and what I could add to improve this concept.
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    - you could get out useful info like artist/track names and drinks offers
    - you could have a nice 'hands in the air' moment with loads of screens

    - audio is out. You wouldn't be able to sync it up. You couldn't stream audio because of the bandwidth, you couldn't pre-download that much audio because of download limits/patience limits on the app download. Even if none of this were a problem, the audience wouldn't be in a nightclub if they could hear it, they'd be in a library
    - I can't think of anything worse than having my audience looking at their phones even when they're not texting on them. That's a purely subjective one though
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    I thought we as a society should start moving away from phones.. not getting people to stare at it while they should be watching the performer.

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