MF3D Color Clip Launcher - Ableton Mapping [Work in progress]
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    Default MF3D Color Clip Launcher - Ableton Mapping [Work in progress]

    Hey everybody,
    I've started working on a new Ableton mapping for the MF3D. The idea, as given by Chico Valencia, is to display on the MF the actual colors of the clip, just like with the Remix decks in Traktor.
    This turned out a bit more trickier than I expected, but I almost worked everything out!

    You can edit the channel and buttons for moving the session around in the file.

    The main known bugs right now are these:
    1) Must have at least 4 tracks already before activating the script.
    2) While moving the red box up or down the scenes, if you change the direction it messes up the colors for the next move.
    3) Moving the red box horizontally is not yet implemented.

    Feel free to test it out. And if you have any Ideas how to fix the second one please let me know, I've hit a dead end.


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    Aaaah, itīs a shame that this mapping doesnīt work... I still think that it would have been a great idea!
    But thanks for trying bro, nice one!

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