VCI-380 Bugs and dislikes
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    Default VCI-380 Bugs and dislikes


    I've been a long time reader on this website, but just signed up now that I've got some problems and am searching for possible solutions.

    All in all, I'm pretty happy with my 380 but there's a few things I'm trying to work out.
    Coming from Scratch live, I'm used to being able to see the box with the 5 cue points on the track and
    the time positions for those cue points right beside them on each deck. In itch, you do not see this so it makes associating cues with buttons difficult. The VCI-380 has multi coloured LED lights in the touch pad buttons, so I'm wondering if pad button colours should match the cue point colours you see on the track when you load it into the deck, cause my buttons only light up a yellow colour once they've been assigned to cue points.

    Another thing that I'm used to having in scratch live, is the ability to toggle a saved loop on and off. On the 380, I've learned how to save a loop so you can recall it the next time that track is loaded, but then when I want to turn that saved loop on, it jumps to the beginning of that loop just as if your jumping to a cue point. This can be very frustrating if you forget to toggle that loop on before you start mixing that track in because now, you have to hit the button you assigned that saved loop to at precisely the beginning of your saved loop as you come to it, or you'll hear the beat out of time, (if you know what I'm saying).

    So do you think this is a firmware or software bug?

    Does anyone else find the pitch control for each deck hard to use? Like I mean, there's no feel or resistance to it so trying to get to an exact bpm can be difficult when it moves almost as effortlessly as a good scratch fader does. Are there any tricks to getting some "feel" to the slider action? Is it possible to grease them with an electrical contact grease (if such a product exists) to make them feel a little closer to maybe the pitch control on a 1200?

    Thanks for reading this.


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    Hey man, I'd say check out the Itch forum on the Serato site. The looping function (unfortunately) is how it works with the 380 and with the Twitch --- jump to loop. It works like SSL with all other Itch controllers. My suggestion is hold tight until Itch users get a free update to Serato DJ. The cue points display are like SSL and the Looping function has controls for both actions.

    Not having used a 380, the VCI-300's pitch feels the same way. Nothing like the a 1200.
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