Firmware 1.1/1.2 v's 1.3 the real differences.
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    Default Firmware 1.1/1.2 v's 1.3 the real differences.

    Hi guys,

    Just finished upgrading my 1.2 firmware to 1.3 and wanted to see what the differences were between the two, so that I could check what I needed to change on my existing mappings (if anything).

    The good news is that only 2 controls actually have there notes/cc numbers changed, so any disruption to your existing favourite mapping, should be largely unaffected. The controls in question are:-

    The low eq rotary.
    This previously output cc number 23 for deck a, and cc 27 for deck b, and notes F0 (a), and A0 (b) for the centre points.

    These have changed quite a bit:-

    Now deck a's low rotary does this:-

    from mid point turning left cc34
    from mid point turning right cc33
    F0 note still marks the centre.

    deck b's:-

    left is cc42, and right is cc41, with A0 note still marking the centre.

    The other control thats totally changed is the notorious fourth effects button on the far right of the row of four, in the top right corner of the unit. This previous output notes D5,E5 and D#5 depending on the position of the red effect light (a,b or master). This control now outputs:-

    F#2 (a), G#2 (master), G2 (b)

    Lots of other cc numbers and notes have been added, but these I believe are all new numbers, so shouldn't break any existing mappings.

    For a full diagram of the new note mappings you can download my reference guide here:-

    1.3 Firmware quick reference notes/cc guide

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    That 1.3 quick reference image is awesome.
    Exactly what was needed. Good work!

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